AXC-BM3DF G2 Update


Firmware development for the AXC-BM3DF G2 has been finalized for version 1.0.0 and it's packed with functionality and features that will make the system a very capable focus assist tool beyond it's flagship functionality as an autofocus system. 

The AXC-BM3DF G2 will come with a built-in focus assist app, that will allow users to connect over WiFi and stream live distance readings to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc... enabling the use of the 3D Focus Module as a digital measuring tape, perfect for assistant camera operators.

Also new in the firmware will be the ability to import/export lens profiles, allowing users to archive/store/share their lens profiles without the worrying about losing them.

AXC-BM3DF G2 will also feature a brand new lens calibration routine, one that allows users to create lens calibrations using a public web application to enter lens information and generate a calibration table for calibrating their lenses for AXC-BM3DF G2. This offering is under ongoing development and will be introduced soon after the initial shipping of the AXC-BM3DF G2.

This an lots more under the hood improvements and features which will be discussed in more detail very soon.



Shipping will begin very soon for orders that took place before June.17th, orders after this date will ship soon thereafter and will will be targeting a ship date around mid July.


Lot's still happening behind the scenes, so there will be more updates to follow. Keep an eye out on the website and follow our social media channels. 




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