AXC-BM3DF | Launch and FAQ!

Very excited to launch the AXC-BM3DF. It's the culmination of nearly 2 years work in research and development to bring it to life and I cant wait for filmmakers/shooters to get their hands on it and use it in their workflows. Whether it's for the flagship feature of continues autofocus, or to use as distance measuring tool for a assistant camera operator. 


I've received lots of questions over the past couple of days regarding compatibility and operation, so I thought I would address some of those here.


Will AXC-BM3DF work with my setup? ( as of current firmware version 1.0.0 )

 Camera Native Lens Adapted Lens
BMPCC4K Supported ( recommended ) ✔ Supported ( performance may vary ) ✔
BMPCC6K/PRO Not Supported ❌ Not Supported ❌
URSA Mini Not Supported ❌ Not Supported ❌


How does AXC-BM3DF control lens autofocus? 

The AXC-BM3DF controls the lens focus through a Bluetooth connection to the camera, sending lens control commands to the lens and using the lenses very own internal AF motor to control focus. 


Is the AXC-BM3DF firmware upgradable?

Yes, it will initially launch with firmware version 1.0.0


Does AXC-BM3DF work with Pocket Cinema Camera 6K / 6K Pro?

AXC-BM3DF is untested on these camera models. If you own these cameras the lens control aspect ( autofocus ) is very unlikely to work. It is therefore unsupported with the current version of the firmware. 


Does AXC-BM3DF work with adapted lenses? ( ex. Speedboosters ) 

Yes, but performance can vary depending on many factors:

  • Firmware version your camera has. 
  • Firmware version your speedbooster/adapter has.
  • Model of Lens you are using. 

AXC-BM3DF was tested with and works with the BMPCC4K, Metabones Speedbooster 0.71x and Sigma 18-35, however performance was subject to the factors listed above. 

On BMPCC4K, MFT Lenses are recommended if you want the best performance. 


Does AXC-BM3DF use the USB-C port on the camera to function? What if I use that port for external SSD recording?

AXC-BM3DF uses a Bluetooth connection to control the camera,  so it does not need to a hard wire connection to the camera in any other way. You can simply power the AXC-BM3DF using any standard 5V USB-C/Micro-USB power. 

You can however, use the USB-C port on the camera as a way to power the AXC-BM3DF if you wish. 


Are external motors like Tilta Nucleus Nano compatible with the AXC-BM3DF?

The short answer is no. The long answer: We are looking into this for a future model of the AXC-BM3DF. 


I have received orders from people who wish to act as beta testers for future firmware of the AXC-BM3DF, specifically for firmware that will make it compatible with the 6K camera, your contribution is very much appreciated. Given the reality of the situation, there is no exact timelines on this future firmware version, it will take lots of development/testing before it would get in the hands of beta testers.  If you are not comfortable with this, please contact us about your order. 


If you have any other general questions / inquires, reach out to us through the contact page or social media. 


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