Introducing AXC-DSPW!

I am excited to announce the AXC-DSPW, a wireless display accessory for the AXC-BM3DF G2 that can display real-time distance measurements from a connected DJI 3D Focus Module. 

Upon powering the device, it will automatically search and connect to the nearest AXC-BM3DF G2 with focus assist enabled. In addition, multiple of these displays can be used with a single host AXC-BM3DF G2. It is also user configurable between metric and imperial units. 

AXC-DSPW comes in various different backlight colors to suite your environment and filming conditions. 

AXC-DSPW will be launching as a special order item, meaning it is built to order; and will ship approximately 2-3 weeks from order date. 

Order now and Learn More:


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