Introducing AXC-ZOOM G2!

I am excited to announce the next generation AXC-ZOOM G2. After receiving user feedback over the last year, the most commonly requested feature was the ability to detach the cable from the controller. 

AXC-ZOOM G2 now features a 2.5mm port on the side for connection between itself and the Tilta Nucleus-Nano. When ordering you can choose various cable lengths to suite your needs! ( we are starting with a small variety of cable lengths and will add more as demand calls for it. )

Under the hood the AXC-ZOOM G2 has a new and improved microprocessor that is more optimized and now features a new LED Status Indicator to display information such as speed setting and to help aid the user in calibration and diagnose connection issues. 

AXC-ZOOM G2 is now available for order and will start shipping by Mid-Late April. 

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