November Update

It’s been a few months since we last shared an update; In this post I will share updates about orders, developments and some sneak peaks for what is to come in the future. 


Order Backlogs Fulfilled 

As many of you are aware, our products are manufactured/built in batches. The nature of this means depending on when you place your order; there can be weeks of time between the original payment and actual shipping. For the launch of the AXC-BM3DF G2 earlier this year, there were multiple batches built spanning over many months. Behind the scenes we are constantly optimizing this process to reduce that time span from order to shipment. 

If you have any questions or concerns about an order placed through our site, you can always email us through our contact form and we will do our best to follow up in a timely manner. 

New Firmware ( AXC-BM3DF G2 v1.5 ) 

With the feedback we gathered over the many months of shipping AXC-BM3DF G2, we have been able to identify some issues / pain-points within the firmware and make some quality of life improvements that make using the AXC-BM3DF G2 a little less cumbersome. 

These improvements mostly include stability fixes, optimizations and new debugging/troubleshooting indicators. It does not introduce any new features or new functionality. More will be shared about this firmware update in a separate post. 

If you had an order for an AXC-BM3DF G2 shipped from Nov.16th onwards, your unit will come pre-installed with the new firmware. 


Firmware 1.5 update utility

For the rest of AXC-BM3DF G2 customers, we will be releasing a firmware update utility soon that will bring these new changes to your device. 


Better documentation / guides in development

Among feedback gathered over these several months, we will be focusing some more efforts in refining our product documentation / setup guides in addition to creating supplemental content such as full step by step guides in video form.


AXC-BM3DF G2 New Revision

In adapting to the changing landscape of supply chains, we will soon be shipping a new revision of the AXC-BM3DF G2 for all new orders; this is NOT a new product with new features; but rather a revised version with slight cosmetic / design changes that were necessary for manufacturing reasons. This product will be functionally identical to the version we have been shipping throughout the year. 


DJI Lidar Rangefinder RS

In our lab over the past few months we have been testing integration of the DJI Lidar Rangefinder RS, we have some exciting news about this coming soon. So stay tuned.

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