This page details how to setup and configure the AXC-DSPW through it's built in web application. 

Do not power AXC-DSPW with power source greater than 5 volts. 




The AXC-DSPW is wireless display accessory for the AXC-BM3DF G2 used for displaying realtime distance measurements from the connected DJI 3D Focus Module. AXC-BM3DF G2 is a required piece of equipment for the AXC-DSPW. 

AXC-DSPW features a 6 digit 7-segment main display, a USB-C connection for power, 1/4-20" thread on the bottom for mounting and an RGB Status LED on the back of the unit. 


Connecting to the WiFi Network:

The AXC-DSPW features a built in WiFi network which is used for configuration. Users can access the built-in web application(s) via a smartphone, laptop or even a desktop. 

The built in WiFi network is immediately available to connect to upon powering the device, after a period of 1 minute if there has been no connections to the setup application; the WiFi network will turn itself off. 

The  AXC-DSPW has a unique WiFi network name and password. The WiFi network name will follow a pattern as such: "AXC-DSPW-****" ( where the last 4 alphanumeric characters are a unique identifier for the device. )

The WiFi password for each device is a combination of a static word "AXONCINE" + those last 4 alphanumeric characters. For example the password for the network that is listed below would be:

WiFi Network Name: "AXC-DSPW-45FD"

WiFI Network Password: "AXONCINE45FD"


Setup Application:

The Setup application is an integrated web application that can be accessed by connecting the AXC-DSPW built-in WiFi connection. 

Once connected to the AXC-DSPW WiFi network, user should visit this url: via a web browser of their choice. 

The Setup Application is the center for configuring and AXC-DSPW.