This page details how to setup the AXC-BM3DF, including how to rig it to your camera, different ways to power the AXC-BM3DF, connecting it to the camera and performing lens calibration. 

Do not power AXC-BM3DF with power source greater than 5 volts. Do not power AXC-BM3DF through both the Micro-USB Port and the USB-C port on the 3D focus ( only choose 1 method ). Axoncine is not responsible for any damage caused by improper usage. 

How to setup AXC-BM3DF:

Setup PDF: Link

Page 1 of Setup Guide

Page 2 of Setup Guide

Lens Calibration:

Additional Materials:

  • Tripod
  • Focus Chart ( any resolution chart or similar will work, or you can print one like this: ISO_12233 Chart )

Overview: To enable continuous autofocus you must first calibrate the attached lens. Calibration process involves mapping a measured distance from the 3D Autofocus to a focus position on the lens. To do this, you will place your camera in front of a large/flat target and adjust the focus of the lens until the image is in sharp focus; then set a calibration point. You will repeat this process, moving the camera away from the target in small amounts until you reach infinity focus of the lens; after which you save your profile and the calibration will be complete.

  1. Go to the lens menu from the homepage.
  2. Select Calibration.
  3. Move camera in front of target. ( this will start at the minimum focus of the lens )
  4. Adjust the focus of the lens using the slider (or the increment buttons) until the image is at maximum sharpness. ( use focus peaking )
  5. You can now Set point, afterwards the process will move you to the next point automatically.
  6. Move the camera back away from the target, in varying amounts until you reach the infinity focus of the lens. ( or as close to this as you can. ) You should aim for a minimum of 12-15 points; up to a maximum of 64 points.
  7. You can then Save Profile after you have gathered enough points.
  8. The calibration is now saved and will be loaded up every time you use the lens on the camera.
  9. Reset the AXC-BM3DF using the left button to enter back into Autofocus mode to start using continuous autofocus.