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AXC-BM3DF G2 is the natural successor to the AXC-BM3DF, which now enables continuous autofocus for manual focus lenses using DJI 3D Focus and Tilta Nucleus Nano. With this, AXC-BM3DF G2 is now compatible with virtually ANY CAMERA and ANY LENS**

**Please refer to compatibility section for more details on camera/lens performance. 


AXC-BM3DF G2 connects to the Tilta Nucleus Nano using an included 2.5mm cable. 

AXC-BM3DF G2 connects to DJI 3D Focus module over a USB-C Connection, the included cable that comes with the 3D Focus module can be used to make this connection. AXC-BM3DF G2 offers the flexibility to be powered from the 3D Focus module or can provide power to the 3D Focus module depending on your specific situation.


AXC-BM3DF G2 can be powered two different ways:

  • Via USB-C Cable through the 3D Focus Module's second port. 
  • Via Micro-USB Cable through the AXC-BM3DF's port. 


AXC-BM3DF G2 operates in a few distinct modes: 

Autofocus Mode: In this mode the DJI 3D Focus is used for continuous autofocus. 

Measure Mode: In this mode, a smartphone can be used to display live distance information from the DJI 3D Focus. 

Setup Mode: In this mode, a smartphone can be used to configure the device, calibrate lenses, adjust settings, etc.. 

Built-in buttons on the device make cycling through modes very simple. 

AXC-BM3DF G2 is setup/configured through a built-in WiFi based configuration portal, where user can calibrate lenses, adjust settings and perform firmware updates. No additional app from the app store required. 

What's Included:

  • AXC-BM3DF G2.
  • 2.5mm TRRS Cable.
  • 1/4" Mounting bolt. 
  • Quick Start Information Card


*DJI 3D Focus module seen pictured is NOT included. Sold Separately.

*Tilta Nucleus Nano motor seen pictured is NOT included. Sold Separately.

*Mounting hardware as seen pictured is NOT included. 

Connectivity WiFi
Dimensions ( cm ) 7.22 x 4.46 x 1.25
Firmware ( latest ) 1.0.0
Material Plastic
Ports Micro-USB, USB-C, 2.5mm TRRS
Weight ( g) 30
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AXC-BM3DF G2 is a lens control system that utilizes Tilta Nucleus Nano motor to control focus; as such this system is not limited to any specific camera system. Instead compatibility is related to the type of lens being controlled. Certain lenses are designed to have focus controlled via an external motor and some are not. Electronic lenses with a "focus-by-wire" control mechanism will have poor compatibility with this system. Lenses with a shorter "focus throw" will perform better on this system, given the external motor's ability to rapidly adjust it's position. Read more here: